It is not the first time (nor the last one) that in this blog we comment Valencia’s attractions. If you have already visited us you would probably remember walking among Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens or spending some time in them.

It is a 9km long, 110 hectares park that crosses the city from one end to another, nearly until the sea. This lenghtness makes it the biggest urban park in Spain.

You might feel confused with the fact that such a big park is settled in a riverbed. However, the Gardens are literally placed in the old Turia’s riverbed, keeping the original river’s layout.

1957 flood and the Gardens’ construction

1957 Valencia’s flood caused numerous deaths and damaged many parts of the city. Since Turia’s floods had repeatedly ocurred during history, the government decided to reroute the river out of Valencia (as we find it nowadays).

In 1986 started the transformation from the old riverbed to the Gardens. That explains why Valencian people keeps refering to the Gardens as “the river”.

Valencia's Riverbed Gardens

Puente del Real, in Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens. Photo by: Talayuelo CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The attractions of Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens

Since the city historically grew around Turia’s river, Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens cross the city old town and some of its main monuments (such as Torres de Serrano), or more recent tourist attractions, such as Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is also crossed by dozens of bridges (some of them are nearly 500 years old).

Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens are one of Valencians favourite places to enjoy fresh air and spend our leisure time. You will find all year long people reading, enjoying a peaceful meal, jogging or biking.

We consider it a privilege to enjoy of a park in the middle of Valencia, with such a history and leisure options. In 2DayLanguages we feel it is an incentive to make you decide to learn Spanish in Valencia with us!

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