Imagine a quaint city in eastern Spain, basking in the Mediterranean sun, with a mild climate with more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 18°C. Imagine a city bathed by 20 km of fine-sand beaches, crossed by an old river that today is the largest urban garden in Spain, a city surrounded by orchards where the fruit and vegetables of the Mediterranean diet are harvested and with a natural park where the rice of its most international dish – the paella – grows. This is Valencia, Spain´s third largest city.

And there, in the heart of the city, is where our school is found- an exclusive place where the best learning experience is waiting to be discovered. Whether you come to Valencia to live or on holiday, 2Day Languages is the Spanish school that will make you feel at home.

We are the best rated school in Valencia

Located in the centre of Valencia on an avenue bordered by palm trees, our school is accredited by Instituto Cervantes and has been included in the top 10 schools for its interior design.

Sunny and homey classrooms, simple wooden furniture, comfortable chairs and lush plants… This is the best space to learn Spanish with motivation.

In 2Day you will work on the four language skills in line with the Cervantes Institute Curriculum. We teach in a relaxed environment as we want our students not only to learn Spanish but also to enjoy classes in a communicative context. In addition, all class materials are tailor-made to suit all needs.

Our entire team, accredited and specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, will always attend to all your doubts and needs. Whether in administrative matters, classes or socio-cultural activities, you will find the whole team ready to help you in a close and personalized way.

We believe that learning a language goes beyond studying its grammar. For this reason, every week we suggest free sociocultural activities to you and your family and friends, even if they do not study at our school. Find out all about the Valencian and Spanish culture through guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, culture workshops and many more.



Let us know your time availability and we will work around it to recommend you the most suitable course. Besides, if you go on holiday, you work or want to take a few days off, you only have to inform us in advance and you will not miss any of your classes.


At 2Day, we give you the necessary grammatical and lexical tools to learn the language, but, most importantly, you will use it in a communicative way, dealing with real-life situations so that you can easily get by in any context.


It is never too late – or too soon! – to learn Spanish. At 2Day Languages we have students of all ages, from 5 to 99 years old and from all continents and from many countries. Each student enjoys the most suitable course depending on their needs and learning pace.



We think that before booking a course, the best thing for you is to try it. Therefore, if you are in Valencia, we offer you a free 1-hour individual test-based class where you will surely discover that we are the best option for your Spanish learning.


The 2Day method focuses on building self-confidence and motivation in our students. Whether inside or outside the classroom, our class approach is based on communicative situations and playful activities for you to learn and have fun at the same time.


As a special offer this year, registration is free. In addition, at the beginning of your course we give you a personalized folder for all the class materials that we prepare every day. We select and create tailor-made materials to suit each student´s needs.


Spanish culture is not only about flamenco, tapas, sangria and paella. At 2Day we offer you free weekly activities depending on our city´s cultural programme so that you can learn about both Valencian and Spanish history and culture.


Besides being teachers, we are also language students in our free time and we know the importance of being able to ask all your language-related questions self-confidently. We are at your side to make your stay in Valencia easier 

  • 5 star review  I can't imagine my life here in Valencia and Spain without this place. It was such a warm and welcoming environment with so much patience, support and understanding from all the teachers. The small classrooms and intimate settings were perfect for real learning experiences. The design of the place is also super relaxing. In addition to learning Spanish I learned so much about the culture and history of Spain and Valencia thanks to the weekly activities. Many of the teachers and students I met here will likely forever be a part of my life. Definitely drop by and feel the vibe of the place, you will immediately feel like you are a part of a special team, maybe even family. You definitely won't feel like you're part of a big machine like some of the schools.

    thumb Hyun Kim
    18 January, 2019
  • 5 star review  My husband and I completed about six months of classes at 2day over a nine month period. The teaching style feels very laid back and for someone with my control freak issues, especially around school, that was a hard adjustment. There are no tests (unless you ask for them), no mandatory home work and even the class group itself is fluid. Students join and leave the classes. Sometimes after a week and others after years. What was kind of weird for me at first ended up being a great experience. With the students who were at my side for several weeks at time, I found friendship and a great rhythm grew between us. We carried each other forward. Some days you are getting everything right and others nothing makes sense to you. The short term students added some variety and the repeitition helped enforce prior lessons. We did the intensive course which is 20 hours per week. I found that format very valuable. It allowed me to listen and talk a lot. For the most part the classes generally have no more than 4 people. Each teacher brings her own style and that helps you too. What you might not get from one explanation you will definitely pick up from another. They are all open to lots of questions, too. Even if you are shy, they make sure to encourage you to speak (if you want to). You're not only learning Spanish of course. You are learning about the culture. How does Spain's government work? What do work schedules look like? What's a good salary? How do I speak to my doctor? Where can I order cheaper contacts? I'm so sad to be leaving but I increased my level from high B1 to low C1 in six months of intensive courses. Whichever level you have in Spanish I think 2day is a good place to learn.

    thumb Yael Ryzowy Silverstein
    30 July, 2019
  • 5 star review  Seems boutique but indeed a very professional foundation. All personnel are friendly and helpful, teachers are exceptionally instructive. Thanks to all, but especially to Sal, the coordinator.

    thumb Capri Corn
    4 December, 2019
At 2Day Languages, we know that each person has their timetable, specific needs and learning pace, which is why we have a wide range of courses for different student profiles. Choose the course you prefer but, if none suits your needs, let us know and we will adapt one for you.
If your priority is to learn Spanish and you have time availability, we recommend you our intensive courses. You will study 20 hours a week, from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 13:30 (with a break from 11:15 to 11:45).
Do you work or study in Valencia and want to improve or become proficient in Spanish but you do not have much time? Extensive courses give you the possibility of studying Spanish because they adapt to your lifestyle.
If what you want are classes entirely adapted to your needs and specific requirements, or you simply wish to add some extra hours to your course, we also offer you private Spanish classes.
Do you live abroad but want to continue learning Spanish? Our online classes are the best way to learn Spanish in the comfort of your home. Check our courses and private classes online.
Do you want to obtain the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) of the Cervantes Institute? We have teachers officially accredited as DELE examiners who will help you prepare each exam component and will gear you up with the necessary strategies to pass./p>
Do you work in Valencia and need specific classes for your field of activity? Do you work in a company and want your employees to improve their Spanish? Find out all about our in-company Spanish courses.
Do you like cooking? Are you interested in the Spanish culture? You can complement your Spanish classes with one of our special passes: cooking, culture or the MIX.
Are you a teacher in a school, academy, association, etc., abroad? Would you like to come to Spain for a cultural and linguistic stay with your group of students? Request our catalogue!
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