Valencia is a great city in many ways, thanks to its climate and Mediterranean identity. But if you want to know its culture and traditions you ought to visit Valencia in Fallas!

From March 15 to 19 Valencia becomes a city full of both colour and sound that UNESCO has recently recognised as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In Fallas we celebrate the arrival of spring, and to do so, the city gets full of giant fallas (monuments), pieces of art that only will last four days: they will be burnt the night of March 19 (during the “cremà”) to continue with the never-ending cycle of renewal initiated by spring.

The city gets full of colour, but not only because of the monuments. It is wonderful to enjoy of the colourful Valencian traditional costumes, for both man and women, which can be seen of the streets for these few days.

In addition, flowers become a colour key element of Fallas during the “ofrenda”, a two day parade in which hundreds of flower bouquets are offered by all the falleras to Virgin Mary, using a large pedestal with the shape of the Virgin to temporarily showcase (and smell) them.

Valencia in Fallas


But also sound is a fundamental element of Fallas festivity. Mostly when thousands of fireworks and firecrackers are exploded during Mascletà, a unique and typical Valencian pyrotechnich event which takes places in Valencia’s main square every day at 14:00h.

Another element of sound during fallas is music, played by local music bands parading with falleras and falleros in the city’s streets all day long.

At the end we must confess Valencia in Fallas can’t be described. You need to see, feel and experience them by yourself! Then, if you won’t be visiting us this year you shouldn’t miss it for the following one! Come and get to know them with 2DayLanguages!

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