As you have already noticed, in 2DayLanguages we are stubborn: we are convinced that the process of learning Spanish means more than attending lessons. One funny and relaxing way to improve your Spanish is watching TV series.

Once again, we propose you some material that allows you to navigate in our culture. That is why we think you should not miss the following TV series (the links directly take you to the official websites, where you could watch the entire seasons):

Cuéntame cómo pasó. It has been on air for 18 seasons and has already become one of the most loved shows in the history of Spanish television. Cuéntame cómo pasó tells the story and the daily life of a Spanish family since 1968, with the background of the historical moment they live. It makes an accurate portrait of how the country and the way of live have changed the last decades. Do not miss the setting and costumes (it explains why it has become the most expensive serie in the history of Spanish TV).

La señora. Also with an historical background (the years before the start of the Spanish Civil War) it tells the love story within a humble priest and a girl from a wealthy family who needs to marry a Marquis to keep the family business running. La señora has both a great casting and setting, plus an astonishing photography.

improve your Spanish

We believe one funny and relaxing way to improve your Spanish is watching TV series.

La que se avecina. For those who enjoy the sense of humor based on stereotypes and portraits of pathetic characters. La que se avecina is a major production, with an ensemble cast formed by more than 14 main characters. It is a comedy about the neighbors of a building. And also the way they hate each other, as much as they need and love each other. We warn you, you will find thousands of politically incorrect jokes and lots of slang language!

Let us know if you watched any of these series and if you considered them useful to improve you Spanish!

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