A lot of people are wondering how is it possible to learning a new language in the country where the language is spoken when you don’t know a word. Or in a language school how am I going to learn in an international group of people without using my native language or the language I know but only a language that I am learning? 2DayLanguages will help you to clarify these and other doubts about learning Spanish in Spain.

Imagine that you have just started a brain workSpanish course in the school as an absolute beginner (level A1) and the classmates of your group are from different countries like Germany, China, Sweden, Brazil and United States. So what does the teacher do then everyone comes from different backgrounds and speaks different languages? How does the teacher get to communicate with the students and most importantly teach Spanish? A lot of people assume that in the beginning English language is used to star since majority of the people nowadays speak English, however not a word of it or other language is being used in the class, only Spanish! So, how does the teacher do that?

Method to start learning Spanish

First of all, you have to know that these days very often a communicative method is used. This technique implies the professor to communicate just in the learning language from the very first day of the class. To achieve that the teacher has to use every possible resource he or she has in the classroom like pictures, videos, acting, showing and so much more until students could understand and learn without translating things into other languages just using deduction and intuition (this is why in 2DayLanguages electronic whiteboards are used, so that the teachers and students could make the best of their learning without limiting their selves with the resources of studying).

For example, when the teacher comes to the class he/she greets all the students in Spanish by saying: “Hola!”, usually students will respond in the same way as they have had spend some time in the country and surely have heard at least once how do people greet each other. And if not the student will easily understand it by the context in the class. Once they know how to say “hi” in Spanish, the next step could be introducing to each other. The teacher types on the whiteboard “me llamo Enrique” while saying it out loud and pointing to himself showing that his name is Enrique. Writing the phrase in different colors “me llamo” in red and Enrique in blue. Under that the teacher writes “Como te llamas?” pointing into one of the students, and the students responds saying his or her name. A very few times a student did not understand what he/she was asked, usually a student responds very quickly just by imitating the teacher. Later the teacher ask other student and the professor writes names of the students on the board, and each student does the same, until all the list of the names is completed.

This is just a simple example of a communicative method and starting to learn the language. As you can see intuition and repetition in the beginning helps a lot without translating things into student’s native language, however, if there is one student that do not find one method appropriate for him or her, we always search for another one until the student learns. Therefore, do not worry about anything before coming to study, creative and friendly teachers in 2DayLanguages will help you to learn the language even if you don’t know a word of it!

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