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If Christmas means spending time with our families and friends, 2DayLanguages team could not think of a better way of enjoying these days than celebrating them with our students. Last week we had our Christmas thematic evening, where we celebrated but also had the chance to review some of the most popular Spanish Christmas traditions:

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In our Christmas thematic evening we had the chance to review some of the most popular Spanish Christmas traditions

Christmas Lottery: Celebrated every year in the morning of December 22nd it is the most popular lottery raffle in Spain and the one that more prizes delivers. Spanish people buys Christmas lottery tickets as presents for their family members and friends, and often they do it in order to support social and benefic activities financed by selling these tickets.

Eating the twelve grapes: In New Year’s Eve the Spanish tradition invites us to eat grapes with our beloved ones, one for each ringing bell before midnight. Those of you who are able to eat (and totally swallow) the twelve grapes will enjoy a year full of happiness and joy!

Twelfth Night and Day (and the “roscón”): Among the Spanish Christmas traditions this is the children’s favourite one! Traditionally, instead of receiving presents in Christmas day, Spanish children have to wait a little bit longer, until January 6th. The night before, the Three Kings (or Wise Men, as represented in the Bible) will visit every single house to deliver their presents.

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“Roscón” is only one of the many traditional Spanish Christmas pastries

During Twelfth Day the tradition is to enjoy a familiar meal with a special dessert, the “roscón”, a pastry which normally is stuffed with whipped or chocolate cream. But, be careful, if while eating your piece of “roscón” you find a bean you will have to pay next year’s one!

2DayLanguages team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope to see you around in 2017 in order to keep helping you learning Spanish!

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