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Are you thinking of studying Spanish in Spain? Do you think it’s time for you to make the most of your vacation? Are you looking over different courses and schools and are still not sure which one to choose? Don’t worry, in this article we will help you and we will let you know why you should choose 2DayLanguages – the Spanish school in Valencia:

Because it’s in Valencia. Have you discovered this amazing city yet? It’s the third largest city in Spain in terms of population, one of the most beautiful ones, and it’s a city that has one of the best climates with more than 300 sunny days a year. In Valencia you can find a beach, a historical center, modern architecture and parks like Turia, which is perfectly suitable for jogging or long walks since its length is 8 kilometers and it is filled with lots of different recreation areas too! In addition to all this, the city is affordable and convenient to get around. You can easily go by bicycle, by public transport or even walk to most of the places in the city. Valencia is also well communicated with the rest of the Spain (it’s a strategic point among Barcelona, Madrid or Ibiza) and it’s really not overcrowded. It has everything you need!

-Because of school’s location. We have already mentioned that Valencia has it all. 2DayLanguages is in the middle of everything. You can walk to the city center’s commercial street in just 5 minutes, to the historical center in just 10 minutes, and to the city’s main park Turia or The City of Arts and Science in just 15 minutes. Also, it’s close to the beach! The neighborhood of our Spanish school is among the center. It is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods called Ruzafa and is getting more and more popular for its cultural events, alternative cafes and restaurants.

-For its design. Have you already found out that 2DayLanguages has been chosen as one of the top 10 best designed schools by Frame Magazine? However, it’s not only the design that makes the school so attractive. 2DayLanguages was built so that each student would feel comfortable. Forget about the dark, old classrooms and uncomfortable chairs with that small falling table, in 2DayLanguages all the classrooms are full of sunlight, colorful, and with nice comfortable chairs and wide tables.

-For its methodology. There are a lot of schools that only follow the traditional book with lots of boring exercises where you learn only the grammar that you can never be put into practice. In 2DayLanguages you can discover a new way of learning Spanish, because there is more than just a book. There are different exercises, cards, images, videos, songs and playful activities with which you can learn. It’s been proved that diversion and effective learning are related. Therefore, if you want to learn Spanish we invite you to try this method. In addition, all our classrooms are provided with digital whiteboards that will make your classes more interactive. Furthermore, since the school is in such a privileged location, the teachers create exercises where students have the opportunity of going outside the school and practice what they have learnt by talking to the local people in places like markets, bakeries and other facilities. That seems interesting, doesn’t it?

-For its different courses and free activities. Have you ever imagined cooking in a class or discovering why Spanish culture is the way it is? You can do that at 2DayLanguages! For example, in the culture classes you’ll learn the curiosities of Spain and Latin America. In the conversation classes you’ll be able to practice the language and get the cooking experience at the same time. Yes, our Spanish school has a kitchen! And finally, in the afternoons, after your lessons, you can participate during lots of activities like excursions, routes of tapas, dance performances, museums… In these activities you will get to know other students of the school and practice Spanish.

-For its teachers. In 2DayLanguages you’ll be able to get to know people of different ages from all over the world that just as much as you want enjoy Valencia and learn Spanish in a most effective and fun way. Our teachers will help you to make this happen. They are all licensed, well prepared, have broad experiences, are young and friendly, and you won’t even notice how they will become your friends too. The teachers work as guides for you, while you discover how the language works for yourself until you really comprehend it and then start practicing it. This is how they combine their work with amusement perfectly.

Now that various reasons of why you should come to 2DayLanguages have been revealed, what do think of the school? Are you willing to visit it? Come and find it out for yourself! If you need any information, you can contact us anytime, consult our webpage or check out our social networks. 2DayLanguages and sunny Valencia will be waiting for you; and like always, we will be smiling in Spanish!

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