Kasia is a Polish girl who studied Spanish in Valencia last summer. She wants to share her experience with the reader of the blog of 2DayLangauges. This is the first part of her experience upon her arrival to the city, her experience at school and the reasons why she had chosen Valencia.

“When I landed at the airport in Valencia a blast of hot air hit my face and I thought: ‘Yeah, this is a place where I wanna be!’.

Temperature in Valencia

Few months back when I was considering what could I do during my summer holiday I didn’t even suppose I would have the best time ever there in Valencia studying at 2DayLanguages.

It was quite difficult this year. None of my friends had holidaysf at the same time as I did, so I had to figure out what could I do on my own.

I’m not a big fan of travelling alone, but the thought of staying at home alone was killing me… and then… suddenly a wonderful thought came to my head!

‘Why don’t I participate in a Spanish course, in Spain?

I did some research on the internet and found this nice school in sunny Valencia.

I’ve always liked studying Spanish. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time during the year, so a holiday course sounded like a great idea to me.

Biel and Kasia

I wrote all the advantages on the paper:

  • I will improve my Spanish,
  • Meet new people,
  • Get to know Valencia and Spanish customs and culture,
  • Sun, sea, lovely beach

Couldn’t find any disadvantages! 🙂

The airport in Valencia is not very far from the city, so you can easily reach it by the subway in the very short time. It wasn’t also very difficult to get to my new flat neither, which school had agrranged me.

When I arrived to my new house I met my landlord and Adam – my new flatmate from New York. A bit later Martin joined us – student from Italy. We were all about to study in the same Spanish school. It made my life much easier as I didn’t have to go there alone every morning, especially in the beginning with my total lack of orientation.

When we got to school for the first time on Monday morning we had a quick chat with teachers to check our knowledge of Spanish and we were assigned to different groups according to our levels. Me and Adam were in the same one. We all choose the same course – four hours of Spanish and one hour of culture classes”. It was very inetresting not only to study Spanish, but to get to know so much about hispanic culture. These classes were more inetersting than I had expected!

It was a great exerience! I had accomplished the whole list that I had done before going to Valencia. I fell in love with Valencia city, the wether was amazing, I met sooo many people and I have improved my Spanish a lot by studying intesively and practising so much of it with natives.

Kasia and a friend

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