Summertime is the best time to rest and have fun, but also it’s perfect for training and education. 2DayLanguages thinks that you can make the most of your summer and study Spanish in our beautiful school in Valencia. If you have a holiday this summer we definitely encourage you to go for it and not only making it one of the most beautiful summers of yours, but also changing your life forever. We will give you some of the ideas of what you can do when you speak Spanish.

-You will be able to communicate with more than 500 million people who talk Spanish. This will make you able to travel through Latin America and Spain getting to know new people and cultures without difficulties. Of course, not forgetting traveling around the world and communicating with Spanish-speakers since there are so many of them. A language sometimes is creating a limitation for oneself, but learning Spanish with us is going to become a useful tool expressing yourself and making friends.

-Learning Spanish will help you to have more prestige and credibility in your career path. Recently more and more employees are expecting their workers to speak as many foreign languages as possible. In addition, Spanish is one of the leading languages on Internet and a business world. Therefore speaking Spanish might a big advantage when differentiating yourself from your co-workers and competitors; also it’s a great tool to do business in Spain, Latin America and the United States. Add one more language to your curriculum and climb a step higher towards your dream job.

-Coming to any place in Spain and not feel frustrated for not being able to ask for an address or a price of the dish in a restaurant. A lot of Spaniards speak English, but if you speak Spanish you can get closer to the culture and you will be able to integrate yourself into it easier. Come to our Spanish school and you will be able to learn Spanish in a communicative way via our free cultural activities. It is way better to travel like this!

-Meet the love of your life, you can never know! Imagine meeting a girl like her and not knowing how to ask her out:

-Or meeting him! Imagine that you are being asked out and you cannot talk to him what a frustration! In addition, a lot of surveys say that speaking foreign languages with an accent sound really sexy:

-To watch movies in their original language, read Spanish books or understand the lyrics of the songs. After studying at 2DayLanguages you will be able to dance to Danza kuduro correctly, when it says “la media vuelta” you will do only the half turn, not the entire one! Hahaha, but if we talk seriously, when you learn a language, you open yourself to new cultures as well as open your mind.

-To spend an unforgettable summer, meet incredible people and enjoy every moment that the city of Valencia and our Spanish school can offer you. You can also read our article Plan for this summer: the unforgettable Spanish experience in Valencia and you’ll see that you cannot miss this opportunity. After a summer like this you will carry a new language and a lot of great memories in your luggage with you that might change your life.

As you can see learning Spanish can only bring you advantages and the best way of doing so is having full immersion, and you must do that in a country where Spanish is spoken. If you also want to have a great time, visit the beach, try Mediterranean cuisine and go to the nicest parties, you should come to Valencia, to one of the most active cities in Spain. We promise you will meet a lot of friendly people there. After choosing the destination, come to our Spanish school 2DayLanguages. Here you will start speaking Spanish from the very first moment and you will do so without even noticing it while watching videos, playing language games, participating in various projects and speaking in class as well as outside. We are waiting for you in the sunny Valencia!

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