If you are learning how to speak Spanish you have probably discovered that is a complex language, with a wide vocabulary. But if something characterizes Spanish is the richness of its popular expressions and sayings. Spanish people uses them really often, because they are an easy way to sum up ideas in very few words.

Although there are thousands of these expressions, in 2DayLanguages we bring you some of which refer to the Spanish geography; we think the following ones are essential in order to say that you really speak Spanish:

Who went to Seville, lost his chair. This expression refers to the Andalusian city of Seville. We use it when someone left his place (e.g., for going to the toilet) and when comes back the place is taken by someone else.

To be in Babia. We can say that someone “is in Babia” (a northern region of Leon) when she or he is absent or moony.

To leave around the hills of Úbeda. We use it when someone we are talking to leads the conversation to an irrelevant topic, abandoning the main one. It is said the expression comes from something that happened to a military captain from King Fernando III. He said he had been lost in the hills of Úbeda (Andalusia) in order to avoid fighting in a battle.

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Have you ever “stayed at the moon of Valencia? Probably you have.                                                                           Photo by: https://unsplash.com/@nousnou

To stay at the moon of Valencia. Of course, our favorite geographical expression, since it refers to our city! We use it to refer to someone who, because was distracted, forgot to accomplish a task. The expression comes from the middle ages, when, after sundown the fortress doors were closed for security. Then, everyone who was late was left outside the city all night long “to stay at the moon of Valencia”.

We hope these expressions have helped you to discover more about Spain. But, above all, we hope you won’t stay at the moon of Valencia and encourage yourself to learn Spanish in Valencia with us!

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