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My name is Priscilla and I’m a 20 year-old-girl from the Netherlands. I am studying at 2DayLangauges since February and am staying until the end of June. I love it! The teachers are so helpful and kind and I am learning a lot. Still, I felt that I needed to check if everyone enjoyed the school as much as I did. That is why I contacted an ex-student named Hans Bretschneider. I asked him a few questions about the school, the teachers, Valencia and the way he experienced living in Valencia.

Hans is a 43-year-old man who is born in Germany. He studied at 2DayLanguages from October 2014 until December 2014. In that period, he took around 30 hours of individual classes, that he planned whenever he wanted.

In daily life, Hans is a teacher at a university in Liberia where he educates clinical social workers and is responsible for program development. Due to the outbreak of Ebola in that country, Hans was not able to return to Liberia until the epidemic subsided, so he was able to spend time in Valencia to improve his Spanish.

Considering Hans travelled a lot between Germany and Spain, it would have been tough for him to follow group lessons. Therefore, he invested in individual classes. He bought some hours and planned them in, together with 2DayLanguages.

Hans already had a very good basis of Spanish; he took an intensive course of Spanish in Seville and lived in Nicaragua for a few years as well.

Hans found 2DayLanguages via internet and went to the school to take a look. He was very impressed with the interior design of the school. He also found the staff friendly and accommodating and realised that the school was close to his house, which made his decision easy.

He enjoyed his stay at 2DayLanguages a lot. His primary goal was to get reacquainted with the Spanish language and to get help sorting out the habits he picked up from talking German and French a lot instead of Spanish. The teachers did that and soon he needed less hours per week.

Hans received a C2 diploma at the end of his studies at 2DayLanguages. He believes living in a Spanish speaking country massively improves the skill of a language and could advise anyone who has a few weeks or months to spare to do the same as him. He also read a lot of newspapers and tried to make as many Spanish friends as he could, which helped him a lot with his Spanish lessons.

There are definitely some cultural differences one must keep in mind when moving to another country. Hans, who grew up in Germany, finds that greetings in Spain always take a lot longer than in Germany. There is kissing and small talk and overall it just takes a lot longer than it does in his home country. He also believes everyone has a political agenda in Spain. Political opinions are voiced without concern and it is expected for everyone to have one.

Antiguo Reino Street, the one of the school

Hans loves Valencia, he says. He loves the beach, Jardín del Turia, Ruzafa, the markets where fresh produce can be bought almost all year round, and the many places one can go out. He would love to come back and is planning on doing exactly that in the future. He also said that he would come back to take some more classes at 2DayLanguages, as he loved the whole experience. He was impressed with the teachers’ professionalism and enjoyed the overall learning experience. He would advise the individual classes to others.

The tip he would like to give future 2DayLanguage’s students is to write all the questions down one thinks off between classes and then ask the teacher in class.

I am definitely taking his advice and will do just that. I am happy to learn that I am not the only one who loves 2DayLanguages and enjoys Valencia as much as I do. Maybe you can be the next to follow?



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