We will give you some good reasons why you should come study at 2DayLanguages in this special time of the year. In Valencia, it is the most important festival of the year and one of the most popular ones in the whole Spain. The Fallas starts on the last Sunday of February and lasts up to March 19. During this period, lots of people go out and enjoy the festival as well as the weather since in March the sun starts to get warmer.

The festival is related to the pagan traditions that celebrates spring as well as the feast of Saint Joseph which is a day of carpenters. In the past on the day 19th of March carpenters used burn all their old wood crafts that they didn’t need anymore. Over the years, the old wood crafts would turn into forms and those into caricatures of public figures. Today, there are important monuments constructed in many streets of Valencia that can cost up to 250.00€. If you come to Valencia, you cannot resist but go and walk the streets for hours while enjoying these works of art that disappears in the flames of fire on the day 19th of March.



During the festival, there are concerts on the streets, bars, and people dancing and enjoying it all over Valencia. However, these are the events that are most important:

La Cridá is celebrated on the last Sunday of February. It is when people are invited to come and enjoy the Fallas, it is celebrated in the historical city Gates Las Torres de Serranos.


The ninot (the caricature sculptures) exhibition during which you can visit and see all the sculptures and guess which one of them will be saved from burning and placed in the Las Fallas museum.

La mascletà. From 1st to 19th of March every single day at 2 PM in the central city square you will be able to enjoy the pyrotechnical show of sound and lights where thousands of kilograms of gunpowder is burned. It’s really impressive!


La nit del foc. It´s all about fireworks. On the night of March 18 in the park Turia you can enjoy a spectacular show of colors and lights. There is no place that is doing it better than it’s done in Valencia!


La ofrenda. Many people dressed in the amazing typical clothing walk through the whole city towards the square of Virgin Mary carrying flowers. The flowers they take to the square is to convert the wooden structure of the Virgin Mary to the one made out of flowers. You should definitely see it!

La Cremà. That’s the last day of the festival, it’s a day when all the beautiful sculptures that were being constructed during the whole year are burned (except for the winner one).


Now that you have got a pretty good idea of what the Fallas is, 2DayLanguages is strongly encouraging you to come and experience this amazing festival while studying. The school is located in the strategic place that is very close to the central square, the Virgin Mary square, and the modern neighborhood Ruzafa. In addition, during these days our teachers will prepare you special classes and activities about the mysterious history and traditions of the festival (remember, all the activities in 2DayLanguages are free)! That is the opportunity of getting two birds killed at the same time: enjoy the Fallas and finally get to learn to speak Spanish! Just imagine it, wouldn’t it be amazing?!

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