2DayLanguages recommends you 10 movies, since watching movies in their original version is one of the best and fun ways to learn a language. A lot of students when learning a language are familiar with grammar, but it is hard for them to put that in practice and that’s mainly because they haven’t practiced speaking nor listening. Therefore, we would like to recommend you a fast and easy form of learning Spanish – watching movies.  Not only you will improve your listening skills, but you will also get to learn about Spanish culture.

In 2DayLanguages we believe that it is very important for a student to practice Spanish, this is why we have our own library with Spanish books and movies that we lend to all our students. In this article we want to recommend you 10 movies to watch in order to learn about Spain and its language.


Movie title: Juana la loca

Director: Vicente Aranda

This movie is one of the biggest Spanish productions. It is about one of the greatest and most fascinating moments of our history – about the reign of the Catholic Monarch. In the movie the princess Juana is not only fighting for her husband’s love but also for maintaining the throne of Castilla.


Movie title: Soldados de Salamina

Dorector: David Trueba

If you are interested in the Spanish Civil War, this movie can help you to get to know more about it. Soldados de Salamina narrates the story of the writer that investigates the events of the year 1939. It’s a very interesting and entertaining movie.



Movie title: El verdugo

Director: Luis García Berlanga

During the dictatorship of Franco, a censorship existed in Spain therefore it wasn’t allowed to talk publicly about certain topics. In this movie we can watch how movie director reflects the life and society at those times through humor and some criticism. If you like black humor, this movie is for you.


Movie title: La niña de tus ojos

Director: Fernando Trueba

Penelope Cruz performs a ballad singer who goes to Nazi Germany to make a movie and she gets involved in a lot of adventures. Many famous Spanish actors appear in the movie, in addition, it’s inspired by a true story.



Movie title: Un Franco, catorce pesetas

Director: Carlos Iglesias

In the 40’s and 50’s a lot of Spaniards had to immigrate to other countries like Germany, France or Switzerland to look for a job. This movie is about a family’s situation that is going to work abroad. It’s a quite emotional and really beautiful movie.


Movie title: El amor perjudica seriamente la salud

Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira

It’s a comedy genre movie that talks about the love story among two characters from 60’s to 90’s. The couple reflect the changes in the period. The feminine character is interpreted by Penelope Cruz and the singer Ana Belen. You are going to love it!


Movie title: El calentito

Director: Chus Gutierrez

This movie is the craziest one of all the above. After the death of Dictator Franco, there was an explosion of freedom, and La movida madrileña was born, a cultural movement that involved a lot of musicians, painters, actors, etc. The movie reflects it very well, as well as an attempted coup in 1981.


Movie title: Te doy mis ojos

Director: Icíar Bollaín

This move talks about a very serious and current problem: the ill treatment. The movie as well as the actors won one of the most significant Spanish Movie Awards.



Movie title: El otro lado de la cama

Director: Emilio Martínez-Lázaro

This is one of the best musicals of the recent years. Not only you can enjoy a fun comedy, but you can also see how the life of young couples is and discover some of our famous songs.


Movie title: Ocho apellidos vascos

Director: Emilio Martínez-Lázaro

This Spanish movie has received the greatest number of audience of all times. It talks about the clichés of South and North Spain. It’s hilarious!


Now it’s your turn! Sit on your couch, relax and turn on a movie. If you are an absolute beginner, you can put subtitles in your native language, however, if you already know some Spanish, the best thing for is to have the subtitles in Spanish. This way you will be able to hear and see the Spanish words at the same time. You can also repeat the tone of voice and Spanish sounds. Nothing but advantages!

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