Spanish level test

separador1 Spanish level test

Here you will be able to do your Spanish level test. Please keep in mind that the results of the test are only to provide us with a tentative estimate of your level of Spanish. You will also have a short conversation with one of our teachers upon arrival to better help us foresee which group you will join.

Do not worry about the conversation test; the professor will not judge you. He will just ckeck your oral ability and see if your skills match with your test result. Since it is very common that people show different levels of grammar, listening, speaking and reading skills. Either way, you will be assigned to the class that best suits your abilities.

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Therefore we ask you (for your own good) to be sincere while doing the level test, so that we can have the most accurate idea of your level. 2Day Languages appreciates your interest in learning Spanish and our teachers will let you know your results as soon as possible by email.

If the assigned group is too high or too low, you can change for another that fits your needs without any restrictions, so do the test calmly and without pressure.


We insist that the result is just an estimate, as it is impossible to know the true level of a person from such a short test. If we are wrong, we will solve it immediately. Do not worry!


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