One 2 One (Private Spanish lessons)

one2one One 2 One (Private Spanish lessons)


If you decide you would like individual private spanish lessons valencia 300x275 One 2 One (Private Spanish lessons)classes where the teacher will adjust to your needs, your time schedule, and will give all his/her attention to you, this course fits you perfectly. You can have a course of private Spanish lessons from 1 to 4 hours a day or just have an extra class, combined with your group classes whenever you feel like you need them. These classes can be adjusted to your special needs (business, tourism, medicine…). Contact us!


Private Spanish lessons info

Course type
Individual classes
Number of hours
As many as you would like
Number of students
1 to 2 students.

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Adjusted to your needs.
Level of Spanish
All levels: A1 (beginner) to C2 (proficient).
Starting dates
Whenever you would like to (consulting the time schedule of the school).
Duration of the course
As long as you would like.

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*Study material free = 0 €.

**Enrolment fee = 30€. SPECIAL OFFER! There will be NO enrolment fee (0€)! The offer cannot be combined with other offers.