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Mathematically-based reasons to choose living in Valencia

We love living in Valencia and it is hard to be objective when stating that Valencia is the best city to learn Spanish. We want you to also enjoy Valencia, so we will give you some reasons to convince you. Here are our reasons:

Valencia has a beach and most of the time wonderful weather. There are cities of all types: larger, smaller, with more culture, more history or more tourism; but only a few cities have beaches. Valencia has a 25 km long beach and 300 sunny days! Can you imagine being able to swim in the sea in October or have a beer on the terrace in December? Valencia is the perfect size city. It is the third largest city by population in Spain where you have plenty of leisure and cultural activities. However, Valencia is really a quiet city, with not too much tourism, so you can just go for a walk or easily find a seat on the public transport. As you see, there are several options if you decide to start living in Valencia.

In Valencia all the people are very friendly and always try to help you with everything you need. You can practice your Spanish everywhere: in a bar, at the beach, in a club and at language exchange meetings. The last ones are very famous here and you can meet hundreds of new people every time.

Valencia is well connected to the rest of Spain and the rest of the world. Valencia has a bus station and two train stations that can be used to travel to Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusia. There is also an airport, 8 km away from the city, which can take you to many places in Spain or Europe. Living in Valencia is so easy and comfortable.

This city is one of the greatest secrets of Spain, because there is not such a lot of tourism here. This makes all the prices lower than in the other cities. You can rent a room for just 160 euros, eat lunch for 8 euros and have a beer for less than one euro.

You won’t get bored being surrounded by bars, because there are 4763 bars in Valencia. Try to enjoy the famous tapas, typical drinks like horchata and aqua de Valencia (a typical Valencian cocktail) and famous dishes like paella or all i pebre (a typical Valencian dish). Also, you should enjoy fresh seafood,  fresh vegetables and fruits.

The city has 40 museums: Museums of Art, History, Science and museums about Las Fallas or rice. In every museum you can discover something new about Spanish culture. Of course, we can’t forget that there are many theaters, cinemas and concert halls. So enjoy the cultural life if you start living in Valencia!

In Valencia there are some very interesting buildings like the narrowest house in Europe (it is a little more than one meter wide); Miguelete – or the bell tower of the cathedral – which is 51 meters high and from where you can see the whole city after climbing 207 steps. Also there is the City of Arts and Sciences, a complex designed by Santiago Calatrava. It’s looks like something from the future. Here you can find a 3D cinema, an opera house, a museum and the biggest aquarium in Europe with 110,000 square meters and 42 million liters of water.

And if you like sports, living in Valencia will make you happy. You can watch football matches in the two football stadiums: C.F. Valencia stadium and Levante U.D. stadium. Also, there are many marathons all through the year and once a year there is the Valencia Open 500 tennis tournament. And if you want to play sports you can do many water-sports, go to one of the many gyms and sport complexes or just play sports in the Parque del Turia. You don’t know what the Parque del Turia is? It is the ancient riverbed of the river Turia, which now has no water and has been into a park, which is about 8 kilometers long and cuts through a great part of the city. Valencia has one of the longest parks in the word and it is the main green lung of the city.

Finally, we recommend Las Fallas, it is the living in valencia fallas Living in Valenciamost important festival in Valencia and is celebrated in March. For two weeks during this festival you can hear music everywhere in the street, the noise of gunpowder nonstop, and you can also see a lot of monuments which are eventually burned and just enjoy the lively atmosphere. If you are living in Valencia you definitely can’t miss it!

Math never lies, so we encourage you to come here. If you start living in Valencia you will see everything for yourself. You will love it for sure! We are looking forward to welcoming you and to helping you to enjoy every moment in this city.

2dayLanguages is a new school located in one of the most beautiful palm avenues of Valencia (av. del Regne de Valencia) as well as one of the oldest districts of Valencia right next to Valencia’s center. The school is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and terraces (from modern and prestigious to bohemian ones). The location of the school is just a 5 minute walk from one of the main streets (calle Colon), just 8 minutes to the main train station and it is just within a 10 minute walk to the City of Arts and Science (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias).

In addition, the district is one of the most beautiful places during the Fallas festival when its streets become a show of colorful lights. Also you will be able to buy fresh local food and goods in the local market in Russafa, which is just 3 minutes away from the school.