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Expressions which show you (really) speak Spanish II

Some weeks ago we talked about some Spanish expressions and sayings related with the Spanish geography which show you (really) speak Spanish. This week we bring you some of the most popular expressions about jobs. Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo. It is used to remark the fact each person has its own tricks and ways…

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Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens, the biggest urban park in Spain

It is not the first time (nor the last one) that in this blog we comment Valencia’s attractions. If you have already visited us you would probably remember walking among Valencia’s Riverbed Gardens or spending some time in them. It is a 9km long, 110 hectares park that crosses the city from one end to…

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Have you tried to read comic books in Spanish?

Comic books or tebeos, as we also call them in Spain, are one of the most popular readings among Spaniards. That is why in 2DayLanguages we want to encourage you to read comic books in Spanish. The following are some of the most famous ones in our language: Mortadelo y Filemón. Created by Francisco Ibáñez…

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Most common mistakes when starting to study Spanish

We know that starting to study Spanish as a foreign language is not easy. As we mentioned before Spanish grammar can be tricky. Today we bring you the most common mistakes we have detected in our students when they start studying Spanish. We hope you find these tips useful to learn their correct use: La…

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Some TV series to improve your Spanish

As you have already noticed, in 2DayLanguages we are stubborn: we are convinced that the process of learning Spanish means more than attending lessons. One funny and relaxing way to improve your Spanish is watching TV series. Once again, we propose you some material that allows you to navigate in our culture. That is why…

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Spanish Christmas traditions with 2DayLanguages

If Christmas means spending time with our families and friends, 2DayLanguages team could not think of a better way of enjoying these days than celebrating them with our students. Last week we had our Christmas thematic evening, where we celebrated but also had the chance to review some of the most popular Spanish Christmas traditions: Christmas Lottery:…

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Expressions which show you (really) speak Spanish

If you are learning how to speak Spanish you have probably discovered that is a complex language, with a wide vocabulary. But if something characterizes Spanish is the richness of its popular expressions and sayings. Spanish people uses them really often, because they are an easy way to sum up ideas in very few words.…

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Learn Spanish in Valencia in winter

For those of you who are thinking to visit Valencia and learn Spanish, winter time is a perfect chance to do it. In 2DayLanguages we assure you will find a totally different city. More relaxed, less crowded with tourists and, of course, less expensive.…

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2DayLanguages, a reflection of Valencia

Valencia is without a doubt one of the most wonderful cities to visit in Europe. Set on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, fronting the Gulf of Valencia in the Mediterranean Sea, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and Spain’s third largest metropolitan area. What stands out about this marvelous city is…

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